HOD (House of Delegates) Candidates

  • Diane Daw, PA-C “I have been working to advance the PA profession for many years on the state and national levels. At the state level I have served on many of the board positions including President, Secretary, Treasurer/Secretary, and Member-at-Large. Also I had met with various state legislators when we were crafting and pursuing the Modernization Act. Nationally I have served as HOD three times, participated twice in Capital Connection lobbying Congress and the Senate in Washington DC and once in the AAPA leadership conference during the Capital Connection. While serving as HOD, I actively participated in and attended all sessions, representing NJ proudly. I would be honored to serve as HOD.”

  • Gary Racich, PA-C “My desire to better the career of all Physician Assistants, provide the best possible care to patients and my aspiration to learn as much as possible about this career has prepared me to represent NJ at the national level. Having served on the House of Delegates over the last 4 years I know there is a lot that can be accomplished and I would like to take the concerns and ideas of NJ Physician Assistants to that level and have our voices heard. I hope to be able to take on this opportunity to once again serve on the House of Delegates and proudly represent the state of NJ.”

  • Amanda DiPiazza, PA-C “I am very excited to be nominated as a NJSSPA Delegate to the AAPA. I have been a practicing PA since 2012 and have been an AAPA and NJSSPA fellow member since that time. I have been an advocate for the PA profession since my time as president of my PA class. I also participated heavily in the FAPA organization during my time as a student. I have been a PA student preceptor throughout my career and advocate for PA student education. I hold an administrative PA position in the Center for Advanced PA Practice at Hackensack University Medical Center as the Lead PA for Education. I am involved with various hospital committees and have organized many educational events for PAs. I am currently a NJSSPA Delegate to the AAPA for 2019. I would love to continue my commitment and service to the PAs of New Jersey.”

  • Camille Dyer, PA-C “Since a student at Rutgers PA program formerly UMDNJ, I have been vested in the growth and development of the PA Profession on both a state and national level. I have served as formerly referred to as an “Alternate Delegate,” Delegate, and Chief Delegate to AAPA’s House of Delegates (HOD) since 2012. The HOD consists of voting delegates from chartered constituent chapters, officially recognized specialty organizations, the Caucuses, and the Student Academy. Serving as one of the New Jersey representatives is a unique opportunity to hear the various concerns of our colleagues from other states and consider the impact those concerns would have on PAs in NJ. It is an honor to represent the State of New Jersey as our national organization discusses various aspects of the profession. My years of involvement has provided me with an ability to network with various PAs throughout the state of NJ who are employed in different practice settings and to consider the impact policies may have on their work environment. The discussions and debates are truly thought provoking and engaging. It would be a privilege to continue to serve the State of New Jersey as a delegate as we continue to move the profession forward in this ever dynamic healthcare environment.

  • Gregory Pierson, PA-C Still pending platform statement

MAL (Member at Large) Candidates:

  • Bethann Mercanti PA-C: “As a current Member at Large with the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants, I have been an active participant in the multiple initiatives.  Likewise, my current role as a PA and Healthcare Administrator has given me a unique perspective on the clinical and political elements of Healthcare. I see the future of the PA profession here in New Jersey, and nationally, as a priority for all PAs. We have to take an active role in steering our profession forward, earning the much-deserved recognition for all of our members as health care providers. I believe every PA has an obligation to advocate for not only themselves as a provider, but for the PA profession as a whole. Current state for NJSSPA has our organization struggling to drive membership. One of the top priorities for the next year needs to be establishing a solid interface for members and driving membership with those not currently involved. We have strength in numbers and our voices will be heard when we speak together. In order to do that, our platform must be reliable, our message must be clear, and our initiatives and victories must be transparent. And finally, we have to engage the future generation of PAs by getting them involved early and making sure they have a seat at the table with us."

  • Sarah Monchar PA-C: "I am a patient-focused and mission-driven healthcare professional. I am a high-potential leader who galvanizes change across functions, divisions, and levels of management. I have a proven track record of creating and implementing process change that improves satisfaction and increases communication and engagement. I oversee a team of advanced practice providers (APP) in a Level II Trauma Center and manage surgical, trauma, and neurosurgical patients in Surgical Intensive Care unit.  Together our team drives performance improvement (PI) initiatives and patient experience advancement and I am an active participant in several hospital-wide committees and conference programs. I am a member of the hospital’s ethics committee, and participate in complex bioethics issues involving terminal patients, advance directives, patient advocacy, and other challenging situations. My vision is aligned with that of AAPA- for all PAs to transform health care through patient-centered, team-based medical practice, and to empower PAs to advance their careers and enhance patient health. I am invested in the future of health care and teach clinical skills and professionalism at the Seton Hall School of Medicine and have been a visiting professor at the Rutgers Physician Assistant program. I am also a preceptor for PA students for their surgical and critical care rotations at HUMC. On a personal note- I am a mom of 3 teenagers and understand the demands of being a full time parent and full time PA. I support a healthy work/life balance for all PAs and promote self-care and mindfulness. I look forward to getting more involved on the state level and helping the PAs of NJ accomplish all of their goals.

  • Susan Ko-velez PA-C: “Currently, I specialize as a full time pediatric PA as well as a per diem EM PA. I am a Touro College’s Manhattan Campus alumna. Fortunately, throughout my education, I have had the pleasure to serve in various positions of leadership for various organizations respectively, including a Vice President role for Circle K International, with a most recent role of Treasurer of Student Government for Touro College – Manhattan Campus. It would be my sincere honor to serve NJSSPA as a Member-at-Large and continue to advocate for the advancement of our organization.”


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